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︻╦̵̵̿╤── PORT ARTHUR MASSACRE: 'A False Flag To Disarm AUSTRALIA'

113 minutes

Season One, Episode Eight:

SYNOPSIS: Episode eight. Our final episode for Season One. A MUST LISTEN. Tonight covers the following topics: Interview conducted 04 MARCH 2017 by Allen RICHIE (his guest: Dr Keith Allan NOBLE on Martin BRYANT's irrefutable innocence), In depth analysis of the 28 APRIL 1996 Port Arthur Massacre (Tasmania, AUSTRALIA), Ari Ben Menashe (aka Joe VIALLS, and former Israeli Signal Intelligence and Military Intelligence Officer 1974 - 1987) and his direct ties to "Mista'arvim" (i.e., an elite undercover counterterrorist police unit known as 'Gideonim' (aka Unit-33)) and their direct involvement in the Port Arthur Massacre', The Townsville Blackhawk crash 12 JUNE 1996 that resulted in the deaths of 18 beret qualified operators of the Australian Defence Force elite Special Air Services Regiment (aka SASR) and its direct links to the Port Arthur tragedy, 2001 lecture by Port Arthur survivor Wendy SCURR and her accounts that day, 'Session 5A' - Tasmanian Police Records (TPR) of the Port Arthur massacre' by Nicki OTTAVI 17 NOVEMBER 2018 (In 2009 the Port Arthur records were transferred to the Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office (TAHO). The Tasmanian Police wanted TAHO to keep everything, they had never dealt with any event like this), further analysis on Martin BRYANT and his non-existent gun-handling abilities, and Dr David E. MARTIN exposes Donald J. TRUMP and the Big Pharma coup d'état against the United States by the COVID-19 vaccines (i.e., 'unrestricted bioweapon') and much more.

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