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👽 The Semmelweis Effect

267 minutes

Season Two, Final Episode:

SYNOPSIS:  A MUST DOWNLOAD & LISTEN episode. This is our grand finale for the Life Downunder Podcast - with an overwhelming amount of uncovered-evidence and actual government and military whistleblower(s) witness testimonies that the Extra-terrestrial UFO crashed craft in Corona, New Mexico (aka ROSWELL) did in deed happen in JUNE 1947. And there wasn't just one (1), nor two (2) downed ET craft; there were in fact, three (3) extra-terrestrial space craft that in fact crashed. The technology recovered from this deliberately covered up incident by the U.S. Government is responsible for WHY we are in the economic mess we find ourselves in today due to weaponised antitrust and patent law(s) in order to suppress said back-engineered ET technology that would otherwise see us with free-energy; living in unison with our planet and all its inhabitants. It is also the key reason behind COVID-19, and the Khazarian Mafia's accelerated plans for a Cosmic False Flag to complete outright technocratic control of our planet in order to justify the weaponization of space itself, and unnecessary war against our interstellar neighbours.


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