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108 minutes

SYNOPSIS: A MUST LISTEN episode of LIFE DOWNUNDER with podcast host Gray STANTON. Episode 4 topics include: PMDA JAPAN 医薬品医療機器庁 - Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (FDA / TGA equivalent) find COVID-19 vaccines unsafe, Pfizer Omitted Industry-Standard Safety Studies (see link below), Interviews on the COVID-19 Experimental-Gene-Therapy Injections (aka vaccines) killer in the bloodstream ('the Spike Protein') with Medical Doctor, Cardiologist, and Epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCULLOUGH, Dr. Byram BRIDLE (Viral Immunologist, University of Guelph, CANADA)), and US Board Certified Pathologist Dr. Ryan COLE (American Front Line Doctors (AFLDS)).

“... documents obtained by scientists through the 'Freedom-Of-Information-Act' (FOIA) revealed pre-clinical studies showing the active part of the vaccine (mRNA-lipid nanoparticles) — which produce the spike protein — did not stay at the injection site and surrounding lymphoid tissue as scientists originally theorized, but spread widely throughout the body and accumulated in various organs, including the ovaries and spleen.” (“Pfizer Skipped Critical Testing and Cut Corners on Quality Standards, Documents Reveal”, Children’s Health Defense).


(includes peer-reviewed medical journals)

* Corresponding author E-mail address: (R.N. Kostoff)

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