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💳 THE GREAT RESET: 'Freedom vs. Slavery'

127 minutes

SYNOPSIS: This episode on LIFE DOWNUNDER with Gray STANTON prresents the following MUST LISTEN topics: An indepth invterview of Catherine AUSTIN-FITTS (Investment Banker, and founder of The SOLARI Report) analysis on using the banking elites COVID-19 (fake pandemic = "an invisible enemy") as the smoke screen of Klaus SCHWAB's 'GREAT RESET' (i.e., Khazarian Mafia economic reset) resulting in - 'Freedom versus Slavery'. Retired AUSTRALIAN Defence Force (ADF) SAS Regiment Lt. Colonel Riccardo BOSI Freedom Rally Speech Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA to a crowd of well over 100,000 people. Greg REECE expose on the C.C.P. (Chinese Communist Party). Dr. Vernon COLEMAN presents a peer reviewed medical journal (published OCTOBER 2021) which irrefutably shows the scientific proof the COVID-19 Experimental-Gene-Therapy injections (i.e., vaccines) are an 'Unrestricted Bioweapon'. Further topics include a short interview with world renowned film director, and producer (2 x Oscar Winner) Oliver STONE on his latest Cannes Film Festival documentary "JFK Revisited" proving those that assassinated JFK, and WHY. An update on Julian ASSANGE. Australia's Dr Judy WILYMAN exposes the significant corruption by the AUSTRALIAN TGA. “The Names of the People Killing Humanity” compiled by Dr. David E. MARTIN.


Fauci / Covid 19 Dossier was written by Dr. David E. MARTIN – Please share this Dossier with your state governors, police, local elected officials (i.e., state and federal MP's).

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