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🥇 ‘VERUM ORIGINES’ – 7th CISM Military World Games ?

136 minutes

Season Two, Episode Three:

SYNOPSIS:   An eye-opening episode you don’t want to miss. Tonight’s focus zeroes in on the WHAT, WHEN WHERE, HOW, and WHY specific to SARS-CoV2 and its True Origins (‘Verum Origines’) through the research optics of a world renowned Reseach Scientist Dr. Richard M. FLEMING PhD, MD, LD ( and the author of a must purchase book titled: Is COVID-19 A Bioweapon? This significant published book covers the true origins of COVID-19 specific to WHAT is Gain-Of-Function Research? and the violation of specific signed treaties such as: the Biological Weapons Convention Treaty, the Nuremberg Code, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) Treaty. We further analyse the paper trail of the US-Funding for Gain-Of-Function Research. Dr. Karry MULLIS’ patent #4,683,195 will be discussed regarding the cycle-thresholds which were never supposed to run higher than cycle threshold (cT) 15-20 cycles of his RT-PCR technique (Polymerase Chain Reaction).  The WHY FILES present two mind-blowing scientific military experiments gone wrong: 1. The PHILADELPHIA Experiment, 2. The MONTAUK Project, as hosted by AJ, and his Co-Host Heckle Fish; allegedly conducted on the east end of Long Island, inside the US during the Cold War – was a secret military experiment to develop psychological warfare with abducted children. A further in-depth analysis on those infected military athletes that returned early from the VII CISM World Military Games, Wuhan, CHINA OCTOBER 2019.  Next is Gray STANTON’s insights on our current global situation and HOW best to persevere, touching on ‘Operation-OSOAVIAKHIM’. Followed by Gray’s closing words of wisdom, “BE YOUR OWN ADVISOR.” This is a thought provoking must listen broadcast!

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